• Gluten Free Desserts

    Got a sweet tooth? No worries! Check out the wide selection of gluten-free desserts from Elegant Elephant Baking Co.

  • Elegant Elephant Baked Goods

    The sweet also deserves the savory. Fun fact: Elegant Elephant Baking Co. isn't just about desserts.

  • Twisted Berry Scones

    These scones are truly twisted. They have a special three-berry blend with fresh lemon zest.

  • Not Your Average Cookies

    These cookies are anything but average, mixed with chocolate and peanut butter chips, with a toffee finish.

  • Dinner Rolls

    These moist and flaky rolls are sure to add a proper (and delicious) accent to any family meal.

Gluten Free Desserts and Baked Goods

From Elegant Elephant Baking Co.

Elegant Elephant Baking Co. is a gluten-free bakery in Eugene, OR, specializing in all kinds of baked goods, except without the wheat.

Now you can grab our goods at all 9 Allann Bros locations, as well as Vero Coffeehouse & Cafe Aroma in Valley River Center!

Elegant Elephant gluten free desserts and baked goods

We are very proud to introduce Elegant Elephant Baking Co., where we create a wide variety of gluten free desserts and other baked goods. Elegant Elephant is local to Eugene, OR, but let us know and we will deliver our gluten free confectionery treats right to your door – just check out our Bakery Boxes!

Be sure to look through our ever-growing selection of cookies, brownies and other gluten free desserts on Our Products page. Everything at Elegant Elephant bakery is handmade with the highest quality ingredients available and a little bit of love, which makes everything especially delicious. We are excited to announce that our kitchen is now a dedicated Gluten Free facility!!